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Sapient for IntelliJ

Installation instructions for installing Sapient into your IntelliJ IDE.

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Installation Requirements

IntelliJ Version

You must be running at least IntelliJ version 2023.1.x, or newer. If you’re running an older version of IntelliJ, the Sapient plugin will not work. To begin:

  • Simply download and install IntelliJ IDEA from the official JetBrains website.
  • Choose the edition that best fits your needs – the Community edition is free and open-source, while the Ultimate edition offers additional features.

Java 8+

Sapient supports Java 8+. This step assumes that you have JDK installed on your machine. If you’re running an older version of Java, please reach out to us

If you don’t have an existing Java project and still want to try Sapient, feel free to follow our hands-on lab here to start from scratch setting up an environment.

Plugin Installation


In the IntelliJ IDEA menu choose Settings


The IntelliJ IDEA menu is on the left of File menu tab.


Go to Plugins > Marketplace tab. Search for "Sapient" and click Install.


Search from the Plugin/Marketplace tab located to the left of the Plugin/Installed.


Click on Restart IDE for the changes to take effect


Open up your Java file. Find the Sapient logo in the gutter of your IDE

You're good to go!

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