Todd Blaschka
GTM Leader
Rishi Singh
Founder & CEO
Anubhaw Srivastava
VP, Engineering
Nightfall AI

There’s no denying that AI coding assistants have transformed software developers into superhumans, enabling them to produce thousands of lines of code rapidly. However, this powerful tool must be used wisely, or there’s a real risk of code repositories becoming excessively bloated. Increased code volume can lead to overhead that undermines developer agility.

Join us for a vital workshop featuring Anubhaw, a seasoned tech professional with 15+ years of experience specializing in startup environments. As the first employee at Harness, he played a vital role in the company's growth to a 3.7 billion-dollar valuation. Now, in his role as VP of Engineering at Nightfall, Anubhaw offers visionary leadership, steering global engineering execution and strategy. We will explore how to elevate your software development and testing processes from mediocre to exceptional using AI, with a focus on real-life implementations and strategies.

Attend this webinar to get a better understanding of:

  1. Conventional AI coding assistants: Gain an in-depth understanding of common AI coding assistants and how they enhance developer velocity.
  2. AI-driven testing solutions: Explore AI-powered tools, such as, that generate and manage tests, ensuring extensive coverage without added overhead.
  3. Best practices around AI-assisted development: Receive practical guidance on integrating AI into your existing developer toolchain, achieving and maintaining 100% test coverage without compromising speed or quality.

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