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"Technical debt is like that gym membership I never use but can't cancel. Except is my financial advisor for code."
The Accumulating Burden of Technical Debt

Technical debt accumulates when short-term solutions are implemented at the expense of long-term sustainability. This leads to a complex and unstable codebase that becomes increasingly difficult to manage and extend. The accumulation of technical debt is often a silent process, unnoticed until it reaches a critical mass that hampers development efforts and leads to system instability.


Unchecked technical debt has a cascading effect on the development process. First, it leads to a decrease in productivity, as developers spend more time fixing old issues rather than focusing on new features. This can result in longer development cycles and delayed releases. Second, the accumulation of technical debt can result in a fragile system that is prone to failures, affecting user trust and satisfaction. The cost of addressing accumulated technical debt can be prohibitive, diverting resources from other critical areas.

Reducing Technical Debt
with's IDE Plugin is your proactive approach to managing technical debt. By automating unit test generation and providing testability feedback, it helps you identify complex code segments early. This enables timely refactoring and ensures a more maintainable, future-proof codebase. Think of it as debt consolidation, but for your code.

Unit Test Generation

We deploy state-of-the-art generative AI models to traverse your codebase, investigating each method and generating accurate, relevant unit test cases.

Total Coverage

Sapient's advanced AI analyses and understands all the exit points of your methods, using this knowledge to auto-generate corresponding unit tests, ensuring complete test coverage.

Code Observation

Sapient actively monitors changes in your codebase, autonomously detecting whether unit tests are required for new or altered code, and then automatically generating these tests as needed.

How does
Reducing Technical Debt
benefit you?

Ship Faster

Let handle test creation, freeing your team to focus on feature development. This boosts productivity and accelerates development, ensuring a streamlined workflow.

Stable Software

Identify and resolve potential defects at an early stage in the development process, effectively streamlining your delivery pipeline and ensuring higher product quality.

User Experience

Empower your dedicated team members to concentrate on the strategic process of feature development, while expertly handles the intricate task of test creation.

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