Plugin installation

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Generate your unit test with Sapient

Advanced AI models explore your code, generating precise unit tests

Generate your unit test


Launching Sapient

There are two ways to launch sapient:
Option 1. Find the Sapient icon next to your methods in the line marker.
Option 2. Right click within any Java source code, and click on Sapient AI.


Accessing AI Generated Test Cases

View test cases for the selected method that Sapient has determined to generate. You can view each test case, or you can Select All > Generate Test Code to generate your unit tests with a single click.


Preview (and Customize) Generated Test Code

Preview and, if desired, customize the generated unit tests for the selected test cases.


Discovering Poorly Written Code

Sapient provides feedback if your original code is written poorly, resulting in untestable code. Use the Learn More link to examine ways to improve your code before generating Unit Tests.

You're good to go!