Breaking Down's Inaugural Workshop: Navigating AI in the Modern Software Stack

Omed Habib

September 6, 2023

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An Unprecedented Dive into AI-infused Software Engineering

For the uninitiated, our very first workshop was anything but ordinary. We were fortunate to have Mark Brocato, the brains behind, who introduced us to However, the heart of the workshop was focused on something much larger: integrating AI into the very fabric of software development.

AI-Driven Development Tools: More than Novelty

One could only talk about the workshop by mentioning the plethora of AI-driven development tools discussed. We delved deep into IDEs like and AI-generated code-writing solutions like ChatGPT, to mention just a few. These are not just fancy buzzwords; they are becoming essential components of a developer's toolkit. Take, for instance,'s own capabilities in automating unit testing, built to seamlessly integrate with today's widely-used IDEs.

Real-World Use Cases: A Shift Toward Efficiency and Agility

The conversation transitioned naturally into real-world applications of these technologies. The emphasis was on practicality, from using AI to write spreadsheet formulas to configuring a CDN at Edgio. The presentation on, Mark's newly announced platform, was an exciting example. It extends the utility of Mockaroo but is uniquely geared for crafting conversational code, encapsulating how AI can reshape even niche aspects of software development.

Cloud Platforms: A Seamless Integration

No discussion on modern software engineering is complete without addressing cloud integrations. The symbiosis of AI with cloud platforms like AWS CodeWhisperer, Azure, and GCP was elucidated, highlighting how AI optimizes isolated tasks and the entire development life cycle.

Looking Toward the Future: Few-Shot Training and Custom Instructions

In the concluding segments, the focus shifted to what's on the horizon. Few-shot training and custom command sets for technologies like ChatGPT were discussed as emerging trends. These advancements will streamline coding practices and allow for tailored solutions that can adapt to specific internal coding standards.

Key Takeaways: Preparing for an AI-Driven Future

To sum up, the workshop aimed at equipping software engineers with a comprehensive understanding of the modern AI tech stack. The landscape is evolving rapidly from development tools like and to cloud integrations with AWS CodeWhisperer, Azure, and GCP. The advent of platforms like further epitomizes this transformation. The future of software engineering is here, and it is teeming with AI-driven possibilities.