AI is 14,000x Faster and 1,000x Cheaper Than Unit Testing Manually

Omed Habib

December 22, 2023

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Still writing unit tests manually? So were we, until we realized that the ROI on using AI is superior (by orders of magnitude) than writing unit tests by hand. In software engineering, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools has been a game-changer. Specifically,, stands out for its significant impact on cost and time efficiency compared to traditional Quality Assurance (QA) approaches. We geeked out a bit and ran some simple math to help you understand how Sapient is (conservatively) 14,000x faster and 1,000x cheaper than doing it yourself. What does this mean for you? More time and money on building great features.

Let's jump in.

Understanding the Cost and Time Efficiency

To appreciate the ROI of using, we first need to compare the costs and time taken to complete tasks between a traditional QA engineer and the AI tool.

Cost Comparison

Let's start with a basic cost comparison:

  • A QA Engineer, earning an annual salary of $150,000, costs roughly $100 per hour for an 8-hour day, totaling $800.
  • In contrast,, priced at $15 per month, breaks down to a mere $0.75 per day (assuming 20 working days per month).

This stark contrast in daily costs presents a clear economic advantage for

Time Comparison

Now, consider the time taken for task completion:

  • A QA Engineer typically spends about 8 hours on a task.
  •, harnessing the speed of AI, completes the same task in approximately 2 seconds.

When we convert the 8-hour workday into seconds (28,800 seconds), the time efficiency of becomes startlingly evident.

Calculating the Multiples

By comparing these factors, we can calculate the cost and time multiples:

  • Cost Multiple: is over 1,000 times cheaper than a QA engineer for the same task.
  • Time Multiple: is approximately 14,400 times faster than a QA engineer.

These multiples highlight the cost-effectiveness and the remarkable speed at which AI can operate.

Calculating the Developer's Hourly Rate

To solidify our understanding further, let's break down how we calculated the developer hourly rate. This involves considering the fully loaded cost of a QA engineer, including benefits, taxes, and overhead costs.

The Calculation Process

  1. Annual Salary: $150,000.
  2. Benefits and Taxes: Adding an estimated 30% for benefits and taxes.
  3. Overhead Costs include a 15% estimate for workspace and administrative expenses.
  4. Total Annual Cost: The sum of Salary, benefits, and overhead costs.
  5. Annual Work Hours: Based on a standard work year of 2,080 hours.
  6. Hourly Cost: Dividing the total yearly cost by annual work hours.

Following this method, a QA engineer's fully loaded hourly cost is approximately $104.57.

The Implications of AI Adoption

The adoption of AI in software engineering, as illustrated by the case of, shows a paradigm shift in how we approach software testing and QA. Cost and time efficiencies are not just incremental improvements but monumental leaps that redefine operational dynamics.

Transformative Cost-Savings

The cost is over 1,000 times cheaper than a traditional QA engineer, which is transformative. It allows businesses to allocate resources more effectively, potentially saving thousands of dollars while maintaining or even improving quality standards.

Unprecedented Time Efficiency

The time-saving aspect is equally impressive. An AI tool that is 14,400 times faster translates to near-instantaneous task completion. This speed can drastically accelerate development cycles, enabling companies to bring products to market faster and respond more agilely to changes and challenges.


The ROI of adopting AI for software engineers, as showcased by, is undeniable. It offers a compelling case for integrating AI tools into software development processes. By significantly reducing costs and exponentially increasing speed, AI tools like are not just advantageous; they are essential components in the evolving landscape of software engineering. This evolution is not just about keeping pace with technological advancements; it's about leveraging them to drive unprecedented efficiency and innovation.