Omed Habib
VP Marketing
Ravi Lachhman
Product Manager

Join us for a vital workshop hosted by Omed Habib and featuring Ravi Lachmann from, as we cover the integration of Development (Dev) and Quality Assurance (QA) roles in the evolving world of software development. This session will explore how the emphasis on developer experience (DX) and internal developer portals (IDP) like Backstage is reshaping team dynamics and productivity.

Key discussion points include:

  1. The Developer Experience Revolution: Uncovering how a DX-centric approach is transforming Dev and QA roles, leading to more effective software development processes.
  2. The Emergence of Internal Developer Portals: Examining the role of IDPs in fostering better collaboration between Dev and QA teams.
  3. Overcoming the Traditional Divide: Moving from a 'Dev vs QA' mindset to a collaborative culture, enhancing team cohesion and project success.
  4. Implementing Change: Presenting practical strategies for the successful integration of Dev and QA roles, with a focus on communication, tool selection, and cultivating a team-oriented environment.

This workshop is designed for software development professionals and team leaders seeking to understand and implement the merging of Dev and QA roles, leveraging the latest trends in DX and IDP for enhanced team performance and project outcomes.

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